Ottawa RiverRegulationPlanning BoardCommission de planificationde la régularisationde la rivière des Outaouais

Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board

The Planning Board was established to ensure integrated management of the principal reservoirs of the Ottawa River Basin:

  • to minimize flood and drought impacts along the Ottawa River and its tributaries, particularly in the Montreal Region
  • while maintaining beneficial water uses in the basin.

Current Conditions Summary

Water levels in metres:

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River Conditions Forecast

Last Update: 2021-04-06 3:45 PM
Next Update: 2021-04-13 3:00 PM

Water levels and flows continue to slowly recede in most areas along the Ottawa River. With forecasts of above-normal temperatures over the next few days, the remaining snow in the northern parts of the basin is expected to continue melting over the next week. Most of the spring runoff from these northern areas will be stored in reservoirs in that part of the basin as principal reservoirs are being managed to reach their target summer levels. The general trend, for the full length of the river, is for a steady decrease in flows and levels as the remaining spring runoff in the central part of the basin recedes. Note: refer to the April 6 bulletin by the Ottawa River Secretariat regarding daily forecasting of river conditions no longer being required.

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Special Feature

Our Very First Newsletter

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board is pleased to present its very first newsletter!

In the newsletter, residents can find information about the Ottawa River basin hydrologic conditions, information about the Planning Board and its activities, as well as information on its website.  The newsletter will be issued about three times per year.

Don’t miss our newsletter this summer, fall and next spring.

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Our website is currently undergoing some changes. One of those changes will include an easy way to subscribe to our newsletter.

In early June, visit us again and look for more information on how to subscribe.

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