Ottawa RiverRegulationPlanning BoardCommission de planificationde la régularisationde la rivière des Outaouais

Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board

The Planning Board was established to ensure integrated management of the principal reservoirs of the Ottawa River Basin:

  • to minimize flood and drought impacts along the Ottawa River and its tributaries, particularly in the Montreal Region
  • while maintaining beneficial water uses in the basin.

Current Conditions Summary

Water levels in metres:

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River Conditions Forecast

Last Update: 2021-07-20 2:18 PM
Next Update: 2021-07-27 3:00 PM

Recent flow increases from the Abitibi Timiskaming region are still working their way through the Ottawa River system. Levels have peaked from Mattawa down to Lac Coulonge but will continue increasing on Lake Deschenes over the next two days by a further 15 to 20 cm. Flows from the Abitibi-Timiskaming region are already being reduced and river levels are expected to decline through the coming week.

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Special Feature

Rapid variations in river conditions along the Ottawa River

Extreme weather events such as the torrential rain event that occurred in the Timiskaming area on July 15 can lead to very rapid variations in river and lake conditions and can lead to serious consequences for those living along both natural and regulated watercourses. Operations at the control structures along the river do not eliminate flooding and are intended to mitigate their impacts.

You can learn more about the July 15 weather event and the mitigation measures that followed by reading the bulletin available below.

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Torrential rains of July 15 in the Timiskaming Area

Bulletins posted on 2021-07-23 by Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat

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Low Flow Conditions in the Ottawa River Basin

Bulletins posted on 2021-06-25 by Ottawa River Regulating Committee

The Ottawa River Regulating Committee provides integrated management of the principal reservoirs in the Ottawa River basin throughout the year

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Spring Freshet Review of 2021

Bulletins posted on 2021-05-20 by Ottawa River Regulating Committee

Freshet occurred early this year.  At the end of February, the snow water content was close to average in most

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