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2019 Open House Sessions and Public Meetings

Bulletins posted on 2019-12-17 by Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board would like to thank residents for their participation in public meetings and open house sessions that were held throughout the Ottawa River Valley last summer and fall.

The 2019 flood was the largest spring flood on the Ottawa River in recent history, surpassing the significant 2017 flood event in many portions of the river. Not since 1928 has flooding affected so many areas along the river, from Lake Timiskaming down to the Montreal region. Hundreds of residents have come to meet with us, seeking answers to their questions or simply trying to gain a better understanding of the management of flows and reservoirs in the Ottawa River basin.  Dam operators from Hydro-Québec, Ontario Power Generation, Quebec and Canada and the Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat were pleased to meet with so many residents. Throughout these sessions, we heard many recommendations from residents and have discussed many ideas related to protection against flooding. In keeping with the Board’s role, we will communicate the feedback from residents to the respective government’s responsible for the Board.

The presentation that was made to residents.

To access the presentations that were given in Ontario as part of public meetings held last summer please refer to our bulletins posted on June 28 and July 11, 2019.

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