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Forecast for 2024-04-17

River conditions forecasts posted on 2024-04-17 by Ottawa River Regulating Committee

Spring runoff from the April 11-13 rainfall event and the melt of the remaining snow in the northern part of the watershed continue to flow in the Ottawa River. Levels and flows are stable from Mattawa to Chats Lake. Elsewhere, levels are expected to continue increasing prior to stabilizing later this week. Precipitation forecasted (10 – 20 mm) from Wednesday to Sunday is expected to bring additional spring runoff into the river system, which will generally slow the decrease in flows and levels, with some locations possibly seeing slight increases. Please refer to the forecast section of our website for more information about the water levels in your area. Reservoirs in the northern part of the watershed are being used to store spring runoff and reduce flows and levels in downstream river reaches. Minor flooding in low-lying areas may occur over the next week as a result of the increased spring runoff. Low-lying areas are those locations that regularly flood during the spring freshet period.   See our press release for more information. (updated at 4:22 pm)

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