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Mitchinamecus – Advanced and Historic Data

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System Constraints
Category Date Lower Limit
Level (m)
Upper Limit
Level (m)
Operation All Year 370.33 383.44

About this data

Average daily flow is measured in cubic metres per second (m3/s).

Water level is measured in metres according to the geodetic reference above mean sea level and is either the level measured at 24:00 (midnight) or the daily average.

The median is used to represent the long-term average value.

The normal range, identified with the light green band on the figure, is where observed levels or flows occur 50% of the time.

Hourly level and flow data values are the instantaneous measurement for the given time.

Terms of Use:

The data provided by this web service may not be reproduced or redistributed.  Contact the Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat (see Contact us) for information on how to obtain historical data directly from the data owner.

Users of flow data and water level data shown on this website are cautioned to consider the unverified nature of the information before using it for decisions making. Please see the Disclaimer for further details.

The flow rate and actual levels can change rapidly without warning, particularly during the freshet period. We advise those using bodies of water to exercise caution and to follow safety rules at all times.