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Lowered water levels on the Ottawa River between Hull and the Carillon dam

Bulletins posted on 2019-10-15 by Hydro Quebec

In the coming weeks, Hydro-Québec will carry out drilling work downstream of the Carillon generating station spillway. The river’s upstream water level was lowered by about 25 cm to allow for the work to be carried out. This decrease, combined with low precipitation in recent weeks, has resulted in a lower-than-normal water levels in the Ottawa River for this time of the year.

The work consists of drilling in the riverbed in front of the spillway and is a common aspect of managing a facility such as the Carillon generating station. The water level in the river must be lowered to ensure a safe work environment for our employees.

We will be lowering the water level once again in the Ottawa River between October 15 and November 1 on weekdays.  On the weekends, it will return to seasonal norms.  The drilling work will be finished by November 1.

The current level of the Ottawa River is already 10 to 12 cm lower than the average seen over the past 10 years. This is primarily due to lower precipitation recorded in western Québec since the summer. We recommend that river users and boaters exercise caution when on the river.

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