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Open house sessions in the Outaouais Region for those interested in knowing more about river flow and reservoirs management

Bulletins posted on 2019-10-23 by Ottawa River Regulation Secretariat

Are you interested in knowing more about the management of flows and reservoirs in the Outaouais Region? Experts in this field will be available to meet with you at several open house sessions that are organized by Hydro-Québec in partnership with the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board:

  • on November 4th at L’île-du-Grand-Calumet (more info)
  • on November 5th at Campbell’s Bay (more info)
  • on November 6th at Gatineau, Aylmer and Hull areas (more info)
  • on November 7th at Gatineau, Masson-Angers and Buckingham areas (more info)
  • on November 11th at Grenville (more info)
  • on November 12th at Chelsea (more info)
  • on November 13th at Saint-André d’Argenteuil (more info)

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